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Barkbeetles.info.  This is my website, focusing on the bark and ambrosia beetles (Curculionidae: Scolytinae and Platypodinae).

Atlas and Catalog of North and Central American Species.  The main component is an interactive atlas and catalog of all species found in North and Central America (1,841 species; 67,940 records). At present, all published information on species from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America has been incorporated. Host and distribution records are taken from 372 articles, monographs, and other databases. Numerous unpublished records are also included. This work has been partially supported by the U.S. Forest Service. In the near future the coverage will be expanded to include South American and Caribbean species.

Image Library  The site also includes an image library (15,883 photographs and line drawings for 2,397 species). These include my own photographs as well as large numbers from other collaborators.

Catalog of the bark and ambrosia beetles of the World.   There are 7,365 species known world wide. In the near future a searchable list of all valid names, synonyms, and taxonomic acts will be made available.

On Line Data Base  Information presented on BarkBeetles.info is based on a database that includes 68,781 collection records for 7,365 species. The data tables include records on taxonomy and nomenclature, hosts, and geographic records.

Neotropical bark and ambrosia beetles

My main research interest lies in the systematics and comparative ecology of Neotropical bark beetles and ambrosia beetles.

Bark and ambrosia beetles of Mexico.   Most of my field work is based in Mexico. A long term goal is a monograph on the species found in Mexico. In 2015 and 2016 I will be focusing on field work in the northwest, specifically the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Baja California, and Baja California Sur. Shorter term projects include:

  • New species and synonymy of Neotropical Scolytus
  • Synopsis of the genus Phloeocleptus with a description of a new species.
  • >Synopsis of the genus Dendroterus with a description of a new species.

Bark and ambrosia beetles of Brazil.  I have recently started working with Dr. Carlos Flechtmann of the Universidade Estadual Paulista, Ilha Solteira campus. Dr. Flechtmann and students have been surveying bark and ambrosia beetles in different regions in Brazil for over 20 years. A large number of specimens have been collected and we are sorting through this mass of specimens together. The first group that we are taking on is the tribe Cryphalini (genera Hypothenemus, Trischidias, Cryptocarenus, etc.).

Platypodinae of Mesoamerica (with L.R. Kirkendall, University of Bergen)  The New World Platypodinae have not been treated as a group in a monograph nor has a key ever been written. The last publication dealing with the group for Mesoamerica was Blandford (1896-1905). We have found a large number of undescribed species as well as species described from South America in Mexico and Central America. This will be a long term project. Initailly we will focus on Tesserocerus, followed by Teloplatypus and Epiplatypus.


Bark and Ambrosia Beetles of the Southern U.S.

Bark and Ambrosia Beetles of the southeastern U.S.  Regional monograph of approximately 200 species. It is looking increasingly likely that I might actually finish this. In the meantime, a lot of the information is online including images and interactive distribution maps. In the meantime there are a series of new species, new synonymies, and species notes that need to be handled first.

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